Open PhD student position in Nano-Bio-Medicine

starting in autumn 2010


Nanosize polymeric-biologic artificial organelles as novel cancer therapy:
design, synthesis and testing in cancer models.


The Nanomedicine Research Group at the University Hospital in Basel (Prof. Patrick Hunziker) offers a PhD student position for an applicant with a strong background in biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology or photobiochemistry.


The project combines nanoscience, polymer chemistry and synthetic biochemistry to create polymeric nanostructures with built-in biological building blocks to create intelligent, reactive nano-systems that break new ground in cancer therapy. This project is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and is highly competitive.


Collaborating with polymer chemists and the biomedical researchers, the task of the PhD student will start with expression and/or modification of bio-macromolecules (proteins, nucleic acids), their integration into an existing polymeric targeted nanocarrier system, their application to cell lines and animal models of cancer, with the long-term goal of future translation to clinical medicine.


The project is highly interdisciplinary and is therefore only suited for a PhD student who is able to combine excellence in his specific tasks with a broad knowledge and the ability to work smoothly in a group, and who is willing to achieve high goals through hard work.


The research group combines MDs, PhDs in biomedicine, in polymer chemistry, and in computational engineering, and also collaborates with leading groups in polymer chemistry, cancer biology, and imaging, with the long-term goal to drive the translation of advances in the nanosciences towards clinical application.


If you are interested:

-         For informal information: send email to with the keyword “PhD position” in the subject line.

-         Formal application: also include CV, your diploma, your final exam scores, pdf copies of publications and research reports written by you, a list of techniques you have used (indicate level of proficiency), and references or names of referees from prior supervisors, and if you have currently no work permit in Switzerland, a passport photocopy.

-         Optionally, also include a 1-2 page draft proposal which delineates, how you could combine your existing expertise in bio-macromolecule technology with the targeted polymeric systems described in the following papers to design a cancer therapy.

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Nadav Ben-Haim, Pavel Broz, Stephan Marsch, Wolfgang Meier, Patrick Hunziker
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